The most recent piece of video work I have worked on is a short documentary called 'Don't Be Fooled By Me'. As director of the project I formed and held the creative vision throughout the process leading my team towards achieving the vision and fulfilling the brief. This was the first time I've experimented with the photographic technique of double exposure in video. Have a watch below!

Are we ever ourselves? Do we all hide behind a persona to mask the real version of who we are? "Don't Be Fooled By Me", a short poetic documentary, reveals three performers at different points in their career: Kevin Kennedy, Mia Bird and Rebekka Turner, allowing them to reflect upon the duality between who they think they are and their stage other.


Below, you can view 'BLUE', my debut documentary, and read about it. Here is a link to my online process book to see the pre-production and concept development process in vast detail, as well as stages of production and post-production. 



BLUE is a short documentary uncovering the meaning of 'Blue' in a fresh and innovative light. I directed the project, developing the ideas and concept, aiming to take the viewer through the emotional journey of what 'Blue' means as a place, not merely a colour. I also acted as DOP (Director of Photography) and lead the extensive editing process.